DW Rule Number 222

Don't be the stalker chick-it's not a good look for anyone, especially a DW.

DW Rule Number 221

Rican boys can be DW Kryptonyite-be careful.

DW Rule Number 220

MOST of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

DW Rule Number 219

There is nothing wrong with kissing every boy in the bar.


DW Rule Number 218

Avoid snaggle-toothed boys.


DW Rule Number 217

Yes, Ambien sex is crazy and no, you won't remember it in the morning.


DW Rule Number 216

Do not attempt to blow him after doing blow.


DW Rule Number 215

Never re-sex the ex.


DW Rule Number 214

Nair is meant for your legs and your legs only.


DW Rule Number 213

Remember-he's going to stop trying to impress you eventually.

DW Rule Number 212

If you're lying to your DWs for him-you know damn well he's not good enough for you.

DW Rule Number 211

Never be more sprung then he is.

DW Rule Number 210

Revenge doesn't have to be dirty-it's just more effective that way.

DW Rule Number 209

You have to tell him what you want to get it the way you want.

DW Rule Number 208

If you're not feeling it-get him drunk-let him pass out-and run like hell.

DW Rule Number 207

If you do find yourself with a visable hickey, conceal it-you're not fourteen.

DW Rule Number 206

Anal sex is not like riding a bike.

DW Rule Number 205

Convincing yourself you're not a dirty whore is not the same as actually NOT being a dirty whore.

DW Rule Number 204

Don't feel bad, if God didn't want sex to be for pleasure, why create the G-Spot?

DW Rule Number 203

Yes, squirting is possible.

DW Rule Number 202

Don't give him the gate code.


DW Rule Number 201

Don't shave while even slightly inebriated, you'll take your clit off.


DW Rule Number 200

Don't be the sloppiest chick at the bar.

DW Rule Number 199

Make him think he has to work for it. . . even if he really doesn't.

DW Rule Number 198

Craigslist is not a reputable dating website.

DW Rule Number 197

One night stands should end long before breakfast.

DW Rule Number 196

If ten thousand angels can't save you tonight, one DW will make you feel better in the morning.

DW Rule Number 195

If your mouths are together longer than ten seconds, tongue is no longer optional.


DW Rule Number 194

DW in training: Young cockhopper.

DW Rule Number 193

If he stops when you say don't, delete his number.

DW Rule Number 192

If you haven't left the house by midnight, just stay home and call the FB instead.

DW Rule Number 191

Age is just a number. . . most of the time

DW Rule Number 190

You are probably not going to meet your future husband at the bar, that's not why bars exist.

DW Rule Number 189

Sex on the beach is fun, but bring a blanket-sand is not meant to get in certain places.

DW Rule Number 188

If you're fooling around in the car, make sure the E-brake is on.

DW Rule Number 187

Never abandon a DW in need, you can remind her later how much she owes you.

DW Rule Number 186

Your future children may one day use the slide at the playground you have sex at tonight.

DW Rule Number 185

Just because it's a handicapped port-o-potty, it will not be any cleaner.

DW Rule Number 184

There is a fine line between confident and cocky, toe it carefully.

DW Rule Number 183

You can always blame Eve, she ate the apple.

DW Rule Number 182

It's impossible to live up to everyone's standards-a DW makes her own.

DW Rule Number 181

You get to live exactly once, make the most of it.

DW Rule Number 180

Not every woman flaunts it, but there is a little DW in all of us.

DW Rule Number 179

Even though you just pushed out a tiny person, there is no such thing as a "mercy stitch." Ask and your OB will laugh at you.

DW Rule Number 178

Don't worry, it will tighten back up.

DW Rule Number 177

Ass-to-mouth (AtM) is never ok.

DW Rule Number 176

You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time, it's ok to go home alone sometimes.

DW Rule Number 175

It is possible to come back once you've gone black, your expectations may just be higher.

DW Rule Number 174

If there's a cold sore on his lips, keep his head above your hips.

DW Rule Number 173

Although not advisable, it is possible to have sex while driving.